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To get a passport, is a fundamental right to travel abroad: High Court



New Delhi: The Delhi High Court to get a passport in your name and the fundamental right of every citizen to travel abroad. High Court three times with the comment to the person who lost the passport has directed the government to issue passports.
Regional Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Justice bench directed the petitioner to a Vikash be re-issued passports. The petitioner told the court that he did not care for my passport, so give him Rs 50 to charitable Jayaprakash Narayan Hospital.

Justice Minister said, hearing the petitioner’s counsel and the court case file after observing that go abroad and its name is a fundamental right of every citizen to get a passport. Accordingly, the present petition and the Court accepted the petition and petitioner defendants or as an alternative to re-directed to the new passport.

The court said that the petitioner’s brother lives in Australia. In this case, the passport to Yacikarta would violate his fundamental rights. According to the petitioner, he lost his passport three times and had her passport fourth regional office, but he returned in the damaged condition.

The petitioner told the court that he lost passport is neither intentional nor has it been damaged and the peaceful way he traveled to some countries for the short term.

Foreign Ministry protested to the petitioner that he failed to secure a valuable government documents. But the Court did not accept this argument, but let’s keep proper care of your passport Vikash court ordered to pay Rs 50,000 charitable hospital.

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